Emergency Operations

In the event of possible school closing or delayed start, parents may check the front page of the website and/or District Twitter feed for updated information.  

The following information is being provided to allow parents and community members in the Del Valle Independent School District to understand the process District administrators follow when they are making a decision to delay or close school because of inclement weather. The decision to delay or cancel classes is one that is not taken lightly, as the District understands that changing the time school starts or closing schools altogether disrupts not only District operations, but also the normal routine of parents.

If school is called off, the school day must be made up later in the year on one of the dates designated as “Bad Weather Make-up Day.”

Procedures for Closing or Delaying School

In the event of inclement weather conditions endemic to the Del Valle ISD area such as flooding or ice conditions, District officials have to determine if it is in the best interest of students and staff to either delay or cancel school. The following procedures are followed to make that determination:

District officials coordinate with the School Safety Consortium that communicates with County, City and other school officials on weather patterns and their affects on area roads and bridges. District officials also travel area roads and bridges to evaluate their condition. If conditions are questionable, the Director of Transportation will contact the appropriate District official by 5:00 a.m. to relay the condition of roads, bridges, etc..

The Superintendent of Schools will be briefed and a decision will be made by 5:15 a.m. to either delay the opening of schools or cancel classes. A delayed opening means classes will start 2 hours later. Any decision made will be relayed to the District’s Communications Office who will then contact local TV and radio stations.

Parents will be called using the School Messenger System, a message will be Tweeted to those who subscribe to the @DelValleISD Twitter feed, and a District list serve e-mail notice will be sent out to those who are signed-up to receive them. If you wish to receive list serve e-mail notices please click on the “Sign Up for E-News” link located at the top right-hand corner on the front page of the website or by clicking here: http://communications.dvisd.net/enews/

Important: Parents should ensure that they have given the school their current contact information. The School Messenger system calls the numbers that are maintained by the school. If contact numbers change from the beginning of the school year when phone numbers are inputted into the school phone messenger system, parents should notify the school immediately.

The information will be placed on district website and the information line at 512-386-3000.  It is the District’s goal that all media outlets, parents and staff will be notified by 5:30 a.m.

Emergency Information Sources

In the event of circumstances which may require cancellation of classes or early release, the following media outlets are notified by the District and will have that information available.


  • News Now 8 – Austin
  • KVUE 24 – ABC Austin
  • KTBC Fox 7 – Austin
  • KEYE 42 – CBS- Austin
  • KXAN 36 – NBC Austin
  • KABB – TV Univision 62


  • KLBJ 93.7 FM
  • KASE 100.7 FM
  • The Beat 102.3 FM
  • KISS 96.7 FM
  • LONGHORN 1300.0 AM
  • KVET 98.1 FM

Additional Operation Definitions

Shelter-In-Place: Shelter in place is used when there is not time to evacuate or when it may be harmful to leave the building (i.e. hazmat, life threatening air quality conditions, vicious animal, suspicious person on or near district property, etc.). You may conduct business as usual within one building, but do not transfer persons between buildings that require the opening of exterior doors.

Lockdown: Lockdowns are called when a crisis occurs outside of the building and an evacuation would be dangerous. A lockdown may also be called when there is a crisis inside a district building or outside on district property and movement within the building could put a person(s) in jeopardy. All exterior doors are locked (if safe to do so) and all person(s) stay in their classrooms/offices (i.e. active shooter, intruder on district property, etc.).

Severe Weather Procedures: Severe Weather is called when the need for personal protection is necessary (i.e. tornado, lightning, heavy rains, etc.).