DEL VALLE, Texas – 16 students from the Career & Technical Education (CTE) program at Del Valle High School attended the SEMI High Tech U three-day event at Tokyo Electron (TEL) U.S. headquarters in Austin, Texas from Oct. 10-12 to learn about technology, robotics, engineering and more.

Some of the activities that students’ explored were education and career pathways in technology. Students also learned about microchips and solar chips, chemistry on conductivity and electricity using batteries, light bulbs and salt water.

“It was such an awesome and enriched experience learning about STEM career paths,” said Robert Hernandez, junior at Del Valle High School. “We did everything from touring the facility to hands-on experiments.”

Each year, The CTE program at Del Valle High School sends a selected amount of students to the SEMI High Tech U, a three-day program for high school students hosted by SEMI Foundation. The program is designed to take students to technology businesses around the Austin-area to help students gain a better understanding of how science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are used to solve real world problems.

“The SEMI Foundation has done over 200 sessions around the world and Del Valle ISD students have been amazing and first-class learners,” said Leslie Tugman, executive director of the SEMI Foundation. “The students are very bright, career driven and well-mannered.”

This is the third year that Del Valle ISD has been involved with the SEMI Foundation. Since 2001, the High Tech U program has reached over 6,900 students in 12 states and nine countries.

Junior at Del Valle High School Aaron Allen said he had a blast learning about logic gates where students used binary codes to simulate a human calculator, and the three-day event gave him the confidence to pursue a career in STEM.