DEL VALLE, Texas – For two years, Travis County Sheriff’s Deputy and CTE Law Enforcement Instructor Mark Knight have conducted the Capital Area Texas Regional Advisory Council, Stop the Bleed training, in association with the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians.

This program is designed to instruct individuals, with little or no formal emergency training, in the application of necessary life-saving techniques until professional first responders arrive. Deputy Knight has performed this training for district personnel, as well as Del Valle High School CTE Health Science and Law Enforcement students as a component of their curriculum.

“The program is designed to help individuals understand what to do in an emergency situation,” Deputy Knight said. “My goal is for our students to one day be able to save a life.”

Stop the Bleed is a national program led by the National Security Council Staff and their purpose is to help prepare the public for potential emergencies and raise awareness of basic actions needed to render aid during a life-threatening situation.

Deputy Knight is currently the only individual who has been certified to teach the course.

“My goal is to teach Stop the Bleed course to other deputies so they can incorporate it into their curriculum,” said Deputy Knight.