Last night, seventy-five percent of voters approved the Del Valle ISD $284 million bond. These results were the culmination of over seven months of work, including the collaboration of the Citizen’s Bond Advisory Committee and district employees educating the community on the process and projects identified for the ballot.

The Citizen’s Bond Advisory Committee initially met on March 28 for a Community Stakeholders Meeting. The committee subsequently met every two weeks over the next few months hearing from district departmental representatives, bond attorneys, residential developers, and demographers allowing opportunities for further inquiries and dialogues. The Board called for a special meeting on August 3, 2019, to consider and act on the cochair’s recommendations resulting in placement on the ballot.

“The Del Valle ISD Board of Trustees are overwhelmed by the support and appreciate the trust the community has with us,” said Board President Rebecca Birch. “And that they respect the work of the Citizen’s Bond Advisory Committee and the recommendations we acted on.”

“I am grateful to the voters who overwhelmingly voted in favor of district-wide upgrades, improvements and renovations.” said Trustee Susanna Woody “I am also thankful to those who organized for and showed their support to the community of Del Valle ISD. It’s exciting to think about the future this investment will bring to our students.”

“We listened to the community and collaboratively developed and supported a proposal addressing the needs of students, parents, teachers, and community members,” said Interim Superintendent Dr. Annette Tielle Villerot.

The bond includes upgrades to facilities safety and security, replacement schools at three campuses, new childhood centers, facility upgrades, technology infrastructure and equipment, replacement buses and future land purchases. The next steps are to convene a bond oversight committee and create a timeline and action plan for the projects.